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Trees, Nature, Forest

The studio of Dr. H.M. Schober - established in 1983 - is a specialist landscape design practice. Over the years a wide range of projects have successfully been completed, ranging from detailed landscape design to complex site and infrastructure planning projects in both urban and rural locations throughout Germany.

The practice consists of a 33 experienced and highly qualified team of landscape architects, landscape planners, biologists and technical staff who are regularly involved with other professionals in multi-disciplinary design teams working on a wide variety of public and private sector projects. The emphasis on delivering a quality product extends from presentation work through the design process to close site supervision. The installation of a computer aided design facility has extended and enhanced this capability particularly by using GIS (geographical information system software) for large scale projects. Over 70% of the practice's workload consists of projects for existing satisfied clients.

We provide a full range of landscape services including:

  • Landscape planning and feasibility studies
  • Environmental and visual assessments
  • Site planning
  • Landscape design and contract documentation
  • Project management and cost control
  • Site inspection, maintenance and management plans

The Work of Landscape Architects Today